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  • Is nikon coolpix p900 a good camera?

    JensenBreck - - COOLPIX


    Hi, I'm a beginner at photography, and I was saving up to buy a new Semi-pro camera I saw nikon's coolpix p900 and I really like it, but I don't know if I should buy it or buy a DSLR in the same price range? can someone give me an advice on which camera I should buy and why? Please help. Thanks! I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References:tomsguide.com/answers/id-27052…pix-p900-good-camera.html Promotional Video Marketing Examples

  • Hi, We had been to Matheran on 13th and 14th May with family. While going to Eco Point we dropped the camera at sum place. If anybody gets the same please return the same back. It contains pics of my baby and also video of monkey. It is Purple in colour and is 14.1 MP. For more Details: SaaS platform video

  • Analog Gear?

    JensenBreck - - ANALOGT


    Hi, I’m currently running a sort of home studio for myself and my band and I really want to get some analog gear for when I record other bands/artists in the future. Nothing crazy but i’d love some suggestions on where to begin a search. For more Details: Cloud Marketing videos

  • Hi, I am trying to make a labview program to read out a voltage on one channel and output another voltage on another channel of PCIe 6251, the voltage input/output should be triggered by the same analog trigger. I have checked online and read some example, the program I have written is as below. My question is: will the two channels triggered at the same time? or there maybe some time difference between the AO/AI? If they are not triggered at the same time, will the time difference be a fair eno…

  • Hi, Unfortunately, none of our W7 computers will recognize the 8700 camera when it is attached using the UC-E1 cable. Just about everything imaginable has been tried, yet nothing has resulted in the camera showing up in My Computer. Of course, the original software cd is nowhere to be found. I've attempted to download drivers from the Nikon site, but nothing has worked, but none of them have solved the problem. Help from those experienced with this sort of interface problem will be greatly appre…

  • Nikon 17-35mm f2.8 replacement?

    JensenBreck - - Objektiv


    Hi, I’m going to be in the market for one next year but I don’t want another ‘old’ version (already had one and it was very unreliable and squeaky).Has anyone know if Nikon will be updating the long in the tooth, 17-35mm f2.8? I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: dpreview.com/forums/post/60451120 Company Overview Video

  • Hi, I've been looking at the Panasonic G80 + Pana/Leica 100-400, the Nikon D7200 + 300 f4 PF + 1.4 TC and the Nikon D7200 + the new, lightweight Tamron 100 -400. I've probably ruled out the middle one on price but can't make up my mind between the other two. Has anyone here got any thoughts on which might make the better birding outfit? What would definitely swing it for me would be if the Tamron would work with my V2s and FT-1 adaptor. Does anyone have any experience of using Tamron lenses in t…

  • Hi, I have been sing D90, and decided to go to a new D3400 for its high resolution and better ISO . I did a very simple test at ISO 3200 on both with 300mm, results are attached. Do I need to spend another $500 to get this little difference and lose all good features of D90? I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: dpreview.com/forums/post/60428977 Business Promotional Animation

  • Hello, i am new here at forum and in site. I have Nikon D5500 DX sensor body and Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G witch are not so bad but i need something better, a way much sharper and contrasty with less chromatic aberations, distortion, flares and ghosts in shots. I am searching for budget landscape and cityscape lenses for around 700$. I need and advice witch are good for my purposes. I read a lot, almost everywhere and i meet different opinions and i am lil bit confused. I've stopp…


    JensenBreck - - D-SLR


    so ive been looking into gitzo model because i want to invest one now that can last me forever instead of going for a cheap one over and over. I plan to do a lot of video and ill like the tripod to turn for some good shots ( i assume the ball head does this?). also ill be taking some still images for my instagram page which would mainly be of portrait shots or street photography/nature. I do plan to use all kind of lenses (50-70 f2.8, 70-120 zoom lens, etc) What model would be the best investmen…